We’re looking forward to welcoming a diverse range of guest speakers to BelongCon on Tuesday 6th June, talking about a range of subjects.

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Pippa Moyle

Finding home, sisterhood and girl power

Pippa is the Founder and CEO of the City Girl Network, a social network dedicated to helping twenty-something women feel at home in their cities. Pippa will sharing her journey from a lonely twenty-something to an entrepreneur empowered, inspired and supported by over 1000 City Girls across the world.

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Dan Collier

Finding belonging through sharing our grief

Dan has experienced grief from both sides. Working as an undertaker at 19, and training to be a nurse at 25, he has listened to many different people share their grief. He has also experienced loss personally with the death of his father, one of his best friends, and the ending of relationships which has resulted in losing contact with children. These experiences have given Dan a unique an insight in to the pain that grief and loss can cause, but also the connection and sense of belonging that can occur when people share their grief with others. Dan now works in digital marketing in Brighton, and enjoys connecting with new people and helping them where he can.

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Lana Burgess & Allegra Chapman

Sharing, accepting, and owning, your mental health

Lana and Allegra will be talking about sharing, accepting, and owning, your mental health. As well as sharing the impact that their own mental health has had on their lives, they’ll share how accepting their diagnoses and having conversations about their experiences has made a huge difference. They will also discuss how owning our “mental fitness” and advocating for others is the key to ending the stigma while empowering ourselves and others.

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