We’re looking forward to welcoming a diverse range of guest speakers to the next BelongCon event on Thursday 19th October, all sharing their inspiring stories of finding belonging, self-acceptance, purpose, and happiness in the world.

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Finding Belonging & Taking Control


Lu’Ami is a performer, songwriter, vocal coach, and co-creator of an urban well-being workshop launching this November in Brighton. At BelongCon, Lu’Ami will speak about the power of taking control, and the freedom that comes from finding a sense of belonging within our own bodies and lives. Lu’Ami’s public speaking debut was at Inspiring Talks Brighton in May 2017 with her talk on ‘Living Without Limits’. She is passionate about continuing to spread the message of self love, and intent on helping people feel less alone.

Rik Turner & Henrietta Jadin

Slow down. Create more.

Rik Turner & Henrietta Jadin

At BelongCon, Rik & Henrietta will share their ongoing journey to help people slow down and create more happiness: at work, at home, and in Portugal! Rik was previously Fun & Wellbeing Minister at local digital agency Propellernet, and has since developed HAPS SuperFruits powder: a natural way to boost serotonin levels and support mental well-being. Henrietta is creating Europe’s first slo-working place, where free range entrepreneurs and creatives gather to live, work and play at their own pace.

Frances Duncan

Step Up and Make An Impact

Frances Duncan

Frances Duncan has focused much of her career and life to furthering inclusion and supporting vulnerable communities. She is currently CEO of The Clock Tower Sanctuary (CTS) in Brighton & Hove which provides a central, safe space for young people who are homeless or insecurely housed. At BelongCon, Frances will talk about youth homelessness and the work of CTS and explore some ideas about how each and every one of us can make a practical and life-changing difference to young people without a home.

Sophie Turton

Nobody Belongs Here More Than You

Sophie Turton

Sophie Turton is a Brighton-based writer and public speaker. At BelongCon, Sophie will share her journey towards becoming positive, open and present, and the important and life changing lessons she learnt along the way. Drawing on the light found in the darkest spaces, Sophie will explore the ‘other’ side to mental illness: the side that strengthens, softens and empowers you to grow and thrive in the most unexpected ways.

Simon Bushell

The Nowhere Forge

Simon BushellSimon Bushell is a travelling blacksmith, he is 29 years old, nine of which have been spent bashing metal. Simon will talk about the last four years that he has spent building The Nowhere Forge, a self sufficient, sustainably powered, portable blacksmithing workshop. Simon will also talk about living simply, having a low income to match low outgoings, whilst maintaining a high quality of life and enjoyment… which can be easy if you love what you do.

Frit Sarita Tam


Frit Sarita TamFrit Sarita Tam is a freelance videographer and photographer, who produces YouTube vlogs about minimalism and nature. At BelongCon, Frit will talk about her minimalism journey, and how she went from being a Class-A hoarder receiving therapy for anxiety, to a YouTuber whose videos primarily focus on decluttering and better mental health. Living a more intentional life has helped Frit to focus on what brings her joy, and build an online community of like-minded people.

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