Aimee and Lee-Anne

Aimee Challenor and Lee-Anne Lawrance,


Lee-Anne Lawrance – Photo credit: Lee-Anne Lawrance

Aimee and Lee-Anne will be talking about Campaigning and pushing for change. They both have experience through their work on the LGBTIQA+ Greens Committee.

From Aimee and Lee-Anne’s talk, you’ll find out about being involved in campaigning for causes you’re passionate about, and be inspired by how much of a positive impact our collective voices can make.

Aimee is an openly trans woman and uses She/Her/Hers pronouns, and Lee-Anne is openly non-binary and uses They/Their/Them pronouns.


Aimee Challenor – Photo credit: The Green Party

You can follow them both on twitter; @GPEWAimee and @GreenLee_Anne

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