Claudia Barnett

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAd1AAAAJDI0OGUwYzUwLTMyOWYtNGZkZi1hMzQwLTc0MTkzYzA5Yjc5NA (1)At the age of 17, Claudia was diagnosed with OCD. The signs were there all along – obsessive worrying, uncontrollable rituals and crippling anxiety – but somehow, it still came as a surprise. In the week leading up to her A Level exams, Claudia went from an outgoing, ambitious and confident young woman with a picture-perfect childhood, to a terrified shell of a person, not able to eat or wash, literally overnight. Suddenly, her life of carefree, teenage abandon was over, and she had no idea why – or how to fix it.

After years of struggling to come to terms with what was going on in her head, and trying to piece together the story of how she instantaneously gone “mad”, Claudia finally told her doctor what was wrong; and she’s not stopped talking about mental health ever since!

Discussing the stigma of mental illness, the true liberation of disclosure and how life-changing OCD brought her to the BBC and the company of the young Royals, Claudia aims to maintain her brutally honest yet consistently empowering account of “not being quite right”.

About Claudia

Claudia Barnett lives and works in Brighton, and is a mental health advocate, blogger and travel publicist. Claudia was one of ten participants of the groundbreaking BBC documentary “Mind Over Marathon” which followed people with varying mental health issues as they trained for the London Marathon. Following the documentary, Claudia founded Quiet Club to further promote mental health discussions and empower people to share their stories without shame or censorship.

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