Dan Collier

Dan CollierDan is 32 years old, and in this time has experienced grief from both sides. Working as an undertaker at 19, and training to be a nurse at 25, he has listened to many different people share their grief. He has also experienced loss personally with the death of his father, one of his best friends, and the ending of relationships which has resulted in losing contact with children.

These experiences have given Dan a unique an insight in to the pain that grief and loss can cause, but also the connection and sense of belonging that can occur when people share their grief with others.

Dan’s BelongCon talk will be on belonging through shared experience of grief.

Grief is such a sensitive subject, but it is something that everyone will experience at some point in their life. Whether that be the death of someone or something close to them, the end of a relationship, or a whole range of things in between.

Dan will share why it’s more important than ever that we share our grief with those around us rather than bottling it up, as doing so can help us start to heal and feel as if we belong. On the flip side, Dan will also share why it’s important for us to listen to people who are willing to share their grief, and how to cope with that as not everybody knows how.

Dan now works in digital marketing in Brighton, and enjoys connecting with new people and helping them where he can.

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