Jo Cruickshanks

jo_d29b76b7-8f23-47ce-9877-8ac031e48c84_1024x1024How to belong everywhere.

Jo Cruickshanks will be discussing getting comfortable with your somatic experience so you can belong wherever you go, in every situation.

“The only thing that is truly ours is the life that’s in our body that wants to unfold” – Reggie Ray

Drawing on 20 years of meditation, yoga and creative leadership, Jo will be discussing how cultivating an awareness, connection and acceptance of our somatic experience can bring us into every situation life has to offer.

In developing somatic awareness, the body’s ability to sense and know, we come to understand who we really are, beyond the stories, to access our true power.

From here, we can start to live authentically in a deeper connection to everything outside. We can be better parents, partners, and leaders and we can start to use the body’s intelligence to live a more fulfilling life.

Jo has been described as a ‘marketing maverick’ ever since she entered the corporate world 20-something years ago. Today, she combines her professional skills of strategy and innovation with her somatic practices to create compelling stories and strategies for businesses that are deeply rooted in purpose and empathy.

Her own somatic practice with Dharma Ocean has led to deep transformation and a sense of belonging that she previously felt impossible for herself – and it is this message she is passionate to share with others at BelongCon.