Lana Burgess & Allegra Chapman

Lana Burgess and Allegra Chapman will be talking about sharing, accepting, and owning, your mental health at BelongCon on 6th June. As well as talking about the impact that their own mental health has had on their lives, they’ll share how accepting their diagnoses and having conversations about their experiences has made a huge difference. They will also discuss how owning our “mental fitness” and advocating for others is key to reducing stigma and empowering people.

Lana BurgessLana was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder and has been well for over four years, having been hospitalised in 2012 in the midst of a second manic episode. As well as using medication historically to manage her symptoms, she now practices hot yoga and uses philosophy, mindfulness and music as a means of stabilising her mood. She believes passionately in sharing and establishing an ongoing discourse to reduce stigma around mental health. Professionally, Lana is a content specialist who works in an editorial role for a healthcare news website. In her spare time she writes for her own blog, Digital Solace, which focuses on creativity, purpose and mindfulness in the digital age.

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Allegra ChampmanAllegra was diagnosed with depression at the age of 12, but, due in part to the stigma around mental health, it took her a further 15 years to accept and learn to manage the condition. She is now passionate about helping to reduce that stigma in order to enable more people to feel able to access help and support for mental well-being. Allegra is a social media and content marketing strategist with an award-winning digital agency based in central Brighton.

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Both Lana and Allegra are co-founders and directors of Brighton Digital Women, a not-for-profit company that has built a community around monthly networking events and works towards gender parity in digital.