Finding Belonging & Taking Control


Photo credit: Lu’Ami

At BelongCon, Lu’Ami will speak about the power of taking control, and the freedom of feeling a sense of belonging inside our own bodies and lives.

Her talk comes from a place of personal growth through life-altering projects including musical performance and songwriting, vocal coaching, and the co-creation of an urban well-being workshop launching this November in Brighton.

Lu’Ami’s last EP was based on her story of personal growth and finding her power, with a message of change. The launch included a sustainable fashion show and earth-friendly stalls to raise awareness of climate change. With a team of eco-volunteers, Lu’Ami crowd-funded nearly £3,000 to launch the project. All the proceeds from the ‘Better’ EP were donated to Mental Health Foundation.

Lu’Ami started public speaking in May at Inspiring Talks Brighton with her talk on ‘Living Without Limits’, and is passionate about and intent on spreading the message of self love and helping people feel less alone.

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Click here to watch Lu’Ami’s talk at Inspiring Talks Brighton