Martin Rowsell

img_1016Martin Rowsell is the founder of Postcards for Peace, which was originally created as a way of using postcards to send messages of peace, non-violence, hope, support and love around the world while raising money for different charities. It has since developed in to an education project –and a charity in its own right.

Through promoting equality and diversity, Postcards For Peace aims to unite people around the world and eliminate discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

At BelongCon, Martin will be talking about the personal journey he has taken as the founder of Postcards For Peace and how it has changed his views on the world and it’s people.

Martin will explain how he has built connections between people around the world to show that there can be unity in diversity. He will also talk about how he has learned that places, people, and circumstances can be very different to the way the media portrays them.

Follow Postcards for Peace on Twitter: @postcards4peace