Rik Turner & Henrietta Jadin

Slow down. Create More.

Rik Turner & Henrietta Jadin

Photo credit: Henrietta Jadin

At BelongCon, Rik & Henrietta will share their ongoing journey to help people slow down and create more happiness: at work, at home, and in Portugal!

Rik was previously Fun & Wellbeing Minister at local digital agency Propellernet (winner of The Guardian’s “Great Places to Work” award). Since leaving Propellernet, he has developed HAPS SuperFruits powder: a natural way to boost serotonin levels, improve your response to stress and support mental well-being.

With a background working in design and well-being, Henrietta is now creating Europe’s first slo-working place, where free range entrepreneurs and creatives gather to live, work and play at their own pace.